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Blood Relation

Each Video Supported by Practice Questions
.हिंदी और अंग्रेजी - दोनों माध्यमों के लिए उपयुक्त
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 The partnership course includes Basic Knowledge of the topic along with Concepts and Rules. You will go through Different types of Partnership Tutorials along with Practice Quiz Sessions. This course also includes Video Quizzes having simple explanations and some short tricks to solve tricky questions which will help in prepare well for the examination, you are planning to appear for. 


In the Puzzle course, you are going through the Basic Concept of Puzzle topic. The course has Different types of Puzzles Tutorials to understand the concepts and tricks to solve the questions based on. In terms of Various Government Examinations as well as State and Particular profile examinations, this topic is very important and we make it so easy to understand so that to crack the exam.

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April Test


Computer Software

Computer Software is one of the major topics of Computer Awareness segment and is considered to be quite important for Examinations. This topic contains a wide variety of Questions asked in the Exams. Enroll for this Course and learn all the main chapters of Computer Software. Moreover, a wide range of Practice Questions and Test Quizzes are also available in this Course through which you can Excel your Knowledge in this topic.

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MS Excel

As far as Computer Awareness is concerned, Microsoft Office is considered quite an important topic of them all. Enroll for this ‘MS Excel’ course, a sub-part of MS Office and Boost your Computer Awareness segment for upcoming competitive exams including Bank, SSC, Railways, Insurance, etc. We provide result oriented Study Material to the aspirants pursuing their Government Job Dreams. 

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