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Average - Concept Tutorial, Rules, Tricks and Quizzes

A well-structured and systematic course is designed for the Average Topic Of Mathematics. This course includes Step by Step classes to clear Concept, Logics and Different Types. You will get its various types in a tutorial form which is easy to understand along with Practice Questions, Quizzes and Short tricks to solve. Obviously Average is the most important topic in any Govt. Examinations. Revision Class and other Preparation Material is also in Course so just check it and prepare well. 

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Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss is a topic of wide variety of Questions asked in the Competitive Examinations. Here we have developed this course on ‘Profit and Loss’ which includes Basic Concepts, Formulas, Tricks and its Applications in all types of Profit and Loss questions. You will also get to solve Easy, Moderate and Advance Level Quizzes strictly prepared in accordance with the Level and Style of Examinations for effective preparation. 

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Number Series (Quantitative)

To Boost your skills to solve Number Series Question in upcoming Government Exams 2021, this course is designed with Basic Concept & Logics. All types of number series questions are covered with Practice Sessions and Quizzes to make you strong. Some Time-Saving Tricks are there with other preparation stuff. Go through this course and confirm your full marks in Number Series Topic in the exam. 

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Quadratic Equations

Course Includes
  • Introduction Tutorial

  • 3 Methods of Quadratic Equations - Factorization Sridharacharya and Square Methods Tutorials

  • Practice Questions on all three methods 

  • Special Questions Session (Most Important) for upcoming Exam point of View

  • 100+ Practice Questions - Easy, Moderate and Hard Level Questions 

  • Complete Topic Quiz -  PDF (Downloadable)

  • 100+ Previous Year Questions

  • Time Saving Tricks and Tips

  • Other Preparation Stuff

  • Revision Class

Course Beneficial For All Upcoming Competitive Examinations 2021
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In this course, we will discuss about Logarithm - Concept, Laws, Characteristics and Mantissa to solve different kinds of questions. This course will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for Government Exams 2021. This course will be taught in Hindi and English. After tutorials, you will go through Practice Sessions and Quiz based on Most Important Questions. You will also get 100+ Previous Year Questions, MCQs PDF, Short tricks, and Revision class to clear doubts. 

Set Theory

Strengthen your Quantitative Aptitude section by learning all the major concepts of Set Theory with the help of this Course. Here in this Course, we will teach you the complete topic in an easy and comprehensible way. Theory and Problems on all types of Sets, various Laws of Set, Practice Quizzes, Previous Years Questions with Revision Session and Short tricks are provided in this Course.. 

Percentage (प्रतिशत)

Percentage Topic is most important for the aspirant preparing for Government Exams 2021. This course will help you to understand percentages from the basic level up to the advanced level with all Types, Rules and Methods.  Here you will get Quiz after each class tutorial number of Practice session, Previous Year Questions, Shortcut Methods, Revision Class, and MCQs.

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Square and Cube Root

Learning Shortcut Tricks to find Squares, Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots of any Number is an asset for an aspirant in order to crack any Competitive Exam. These valuable tricks not only help you in one topic but using these Tricks you can save a lot of time while solving other Aptitude Questions. This ‘Square and Cube Root’ Course is perfectly developed for you to learn time saving valuable tricks and implement those in upcoming Examinations. 

Mensuration 2D

Mensuration 2D is one of the important topics of Mathematics and forms the basis of other topics as well. This topic has a wide range of concepts for students to learn. Enroll for the ‘Mensuration 2D’ Course and learn all the concepts and valuable time saving tricks to solve Questions in No Time. Moreover, a wide range of Practice and Test Quizzes are also available in this Course through which you can Excel your problem solving skills in this topic.

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