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Paronyms And Homonyms

This Course is created to strengthen your Paronyms And Homonyms Topic through Tutorial by our Experts. The Right Set of Questions are grouped in Practice Sessions to practice you well for Upcoming Government Examinations 2021. So take this course to score full marks in Paronyms And Homonyms. 

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English Tenses

To strong your English Tenses Part this course is made so that you can clear your basic Concepts, Tenses Rules on your fingertips.  It also includes practice sessions based on each tense, mock quizzes, previous year questions set. So practice this course and score full marks in tenses based question come up in Banks, Railway, SSC Exams 2021. 

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Root Words

A well-defined course is made to Excel you in Root Words Topic. You will Learn all important Root words through different sessions and then go through Practice Sessions. You will also get 100+ Previous Year Questions in form of Quizzes and Test. Get also benefit of Revision Class and other preparation material for Government Exams 2021.  

Sentence Connectors

A Complete Course on Sentence Connectors for Competitive Exam containing all the Tips and Strategies to solve Questions related to Sentence Connectors is available for you. Enroll now and Get to learn how to use Connectors in sentences and Practice New Pattern Questions important for upcoming Exams.

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Reading Comprehension

A Complete Course on Reading Comprehension for Competitive Exams containing all the Tips and Strategies to solve Questions related to Reading Comprehension effectively is available for you. The Course includes practice videos of 40+ quality Passages along with 200+ Practice Questions. Enroll now and Get to learn how to attempt comprehension passages during Examinations.

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Common Errors in English

Course Includes 
  • Introduction with Tricks (2 Classes)

  • Common Errors in - Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Direct / Indirect Etc.

  • Practice Session 

  • Practice Quiz

  • 100+ Previous Year Question

  • Mixed Question Class

  • Revision Class

Course Beneficial for Bank, SSC, Railways, State Level and other all Govt. Exams 2021
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Precis Writing

Precis Writing is a part of English Segment and is considered to be quite important from Banking and SSC Examinations perspective. This topic contains a special variety of Questions asked in the Exams. In order to excel in this topic, you need to learn various Skills and Tricks to summarize any content. Well you can learn all those important Tricks and Skills by enrolling for this ‘Precis Writing’ course. 

Jumbled Sentences

Enroll in the Jumbled Sentences Course and clear your Concept via Tutorials. Boost your speed and accuracy by practice the right questions and get to learn magical Short Tricks to tackle Questions based on Jumbled Sentences for upcoming Government exams 2021-22. 

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One Word Substitution

To strengthen your English section, this ‘One Word Substitution’ course is made just for you, which includes all the important One Word Substitutions asked in recent Competitive Examinations plus others which are important for the upcoming Exams. So enroll for this course and prepare effectively for Banks, Railway, SSC Exams 2021.

Sentence Improvement

Enroll for the ‘Sentence Improvement’ course and boost your English Language skills which will help you in effective Preparation for upcoming Competitive Exams. Get to learn all the important Rules and Techniques of Sentence Improvement; go through multiple Question/Practice Sessions and assess yourself with the help of Practice and Test Quizzes. 

Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is the combination of two or three words from different grammatical categories to form a single semantic unit on a lexical or syntactic level. This Course on ‘Phrasal Verbs’ includes simple and effective ways of learning the topic concept, Types, Examples on How to use them in sentences correctly and backed up by Exam oriented Practice and Test Quizzes.

Misspelled Words

Misspelled Words is considered quite important as far as cracking the English Language part of any Competitive Examination is concerned. Learn Important Spelling Rules and commonly misspelled words in the English Language here from this Course. We have drilled down this topic deeply ensuring your complete command over Misspelled Words. Enroll now and get Exam oriented Video Tutorials, Practice Sessions and Quizzes to excel in the Examination.